Hero is a type of card depicting a prominent character from the World of Warcraft universe. For each deck, players choose one hero to "lead" the party throughout the battle. The hero remains on the game board throughout the course of the entire game, and is not considered to be part of the player's deck.

The choice of hero determines the ability cards and allies that can be used in the deck.

Rulings Edit

  • 301. Heroes
    • 301.1 Each player starts the game with a ready hero in play. Each hero has an ATK (205) and a health value. Each hero has two trait icons and a type line with several printed traits (206).
    • 301.2 Most heroes have two sides and start the game face up with their smaller art visible. Most heroes have a flip power while face up, which is a power that involves flipping that hero.
      • 301.2a Most heroes have no powers printed on their other side, but some do. A hero’s powers function only if they're on the side currently visible.
      • 301.2b Most heroes have the same ATK and health on their other side, but some don’t.
      • 301.2c A face-down hero is identical to a face-up hero in all other ways.