The Battle Continues With: The Tomb of The Forgotten.

Imagine finding out the world was not what you imagined it to be. Silithus and Tanaris where not the end of Kalimdor, but a locked doorway to the Titans and Gods.

The Tol'vir, cat like guards, lie ever ready to keep the secerts they have been charged with out of the reaches of everyone. Uldum is now an open book and the Tol'vir are waring to keep the pages from ever being opened.

Your Tol'vir Hero:

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn - Priest

The Forgotten - Paladin

High Guardian Malosun - The first ever Paladin / Priest

Dual Class Hero - The Fight Just Got Real!!

Augh - Pygmy Mage / Warrior

Jasani, Shrine Keeper - Dryad Druid / Hunter

Mistress Nesala - Succubus Demon Rouge / Warlock

Mogdar the Frozenheart - Orge Death Knight / Shaman

Monster Hero - Last But Not Least

Nexus-Thief Asar - Ethereal Rouge

Master Hero

Thrall The Earth Warder

New Keywords:

Sentinal - You Can Attack Twice

Empower - This time, the Monsters get to use these Powers.

Murlocks, why did it have to be Murlocks??? Lots and lots of them.

Thrall is really big in this collection. He has four rare ability cards:

  1. Thrall's Fury
  2. Thrall's Patience
  3. Thrall's Desire
  4. Thrall's Dought

Seperate they will hurt your adversary, but if in a collection in one hand, very nice for you...not your enemy.

Set includes 202 cards, with Uldum as the only Location Card. Three Loot Cards are in the set as well:

  1. Sand Scarab
  2. Spurious Sacophagus
  3. White Camel