Terenas menethil ii

King Terenas Menethill II From Warcraft III

Assult on Icecrown Citadel Treasure Pack: card number 12.

This is the only know card of the father of Arthus. This card shows Terenas as a ghost that was struck down by Arthus, who did not know that he had become a Death Knight. King Menethrill II was killed by Frostmourne, the rune weapon of the future Lich King.

This card is in the Assult of Icecrown Citadel Treasure Pack because in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, When the Lich King was struck down and dieing, Arthus's father came as a spirit to comfort his dieing child.

Arthas lies supine, the shattered remnants of Frostmourne beside him. He stares as the ghost of Terenas Menethil materializes over him, and the characteristic blue glow dissipates from his eyes. As Terenas kneels next to him, Arthas places a hand on his father's chest.
Arthas Menethil: Father! Is it... over?
Terenas lays a comforting hand on Arthas' gauntlet.
Terenas Menethil II: At long last. No king rules forever, my son.
Arthas Menethil: I see... only darkness... before... me...
Arthas' eyes roll back into his head and he dies, his hand falling to the ground. Terenas closes his son's eyes and gently lays him on the ground as Tirion walks in.
Terenas Menethil II: Without its master's command, the restless Scourge will become an even greater threat to this world.
Terenas stands, facing Tirion.
Terenas Menethil II: Control must be maintained. There must always be a Lich King.

With a cost of 6 to be played, this will be a slow card to play, but with 2+ mend and the ability if healed to have 12 attack this could be a game closing card. This will be a good hard hitting card to blend into a deck playing in the Raid Deck: Assult on Icecrown Citadel.